About Us

Humble Muscle was not just created to become a catchy clothing line name for people to parade in and out of the gym.  It was created to inspire and motivate people to never give up on any endeavor or goal they may have in life and to remain humble through their successes.  It doesn’t matter what stage of life you may be in or what specifically you seek to accomplish.  Remember, a well-adjusted person doesn’t have to flaunt their accomplishments – they are secure within themselves and let their discipline, patience, and hard work do the talking.

I woke up one day and became tired of the mediocre lifestyle I was living. I was undisciplined and had no drive. I decided to make a change and strive for success in something.  Growing up I was always taught to work hard, let results do the talking and to help others along my way.  I eventually started going to the gym and fell in love with bodybuilding.  I was so inspired by all of the bigger and in-shape guys in the gym.  I looked up to them and decided to work towards the same level of fitness.  Gradually, I became disciplined in working out and found myself working with purpose and towards a goal for the first time.  I knew I loved the fitness industry and would do anything to be apart of it.  After a number of years training, I was able to transform my 165lb, 6 foot 4 inch frame into the 270lb bodybuilder I am today. 

Overtime, family and friends started referring to me as the gentle or humble giant.  This is how “Humble Muscle” was born.  “Humble Muscle” is clothing for those dedicated to their sport and the idea that “It's not what you get from chasing a goal, it's what you become because of it”. It’s for all those committed to fitness, good sportsmanship, inspired team play and humility especially in victory.  I wanted to start something to remind people that no matter what they may seek in life, whether it be in school, at work, in their personal relationships or goals – such as weight loss or muscle building -- to work patiently, humbly and with dedication towards successes. Use “Humble Muscle” as a reminder to help and inspire others along your journey.  “As good as you are, you can always be better” so stay humble!  There are people in life whether you know it or not that can be inspired by you. If you develop a “never give up attitude” you subconsciously invite others to do the same.

So the bottom line is go out and find your own form of "bodybuilding" -- if you haven't already. Find that special something you are passionate about, that will induce you to commit and prompt you to focus and succeed but above all bring joy to your life. Never despair and never give up. I wish you every success in your journey ….

Bobby Obradovitch

Founder/Owner Humble Muscle Apparel